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Coronavirus: dealing with bereavement

Dealing with bereavement is never easy. But it could be especially difficult at the moment as you also face many other stresses. Coronavirus has left many of us feeling isolated; we may also be dealing with job losses, precarious finances and more. We’ve already written guides on how to manage your mental health during this…

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Coronavirus: managing your mental health

The coronavirus outbreak has changed all of our lives – and had a significant impact on mental health. We’ve already outlined some of the things you might be going through at the moment – not being able to go outside for days at a time, decreased contact with friends and family, higher exposure to the…

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Coronavirus: dealing with the outbreak

The ongoing situation with coronavirus is not easy for anybody’s mental health or wellbeing.  At the moment, government advice is that you can go outside for one form of exercise per day, and that you can also leave the house to get food, for health reasons, if you are a key worker, or if you’re…

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