Gender Training Seminar

The aim of this one day seminar is to support participants to gain a greater understanding of gender issues and how they impact on the mental health of women across the spectrum of services from security to community. Wish trainers can come to units to deliver the seminar to groups of up to 16 staff from any discipline.

Into the Mainstream states:

An aware, informed and competent workforce is essential if gender-sensitive services are to be provided. An understanding of the following issues is therefore necessary for all staff involved in planning, delivery and evaluating services – policy makers, clinicians, managers and researchers:

  • The economic and social context of women and men’s lives;
  • The interplay between gender and other inequality issues such as race, culture, ethnicity and age;
  • Differences in the prevalence of risk and protective factors for mental health between women and men;
  • Differences between women and men in presentation and pathways into services and differences in treatment needs and responses;
  • The relationship between gender and power inequalities and how this may affect individual patients, staff and the organisations in which they work or are cared for.

… all staff need a general understanding of these issues …

The Wish one-day gender training is ideal for organisations seeking to fulfil these requirements of Into the Mainstream. The format is interactive and experiential. Topics covered include an introduction to the concept of gender and its interplay with mental health, childhood abuse and self injury.

Feedback about Wish gender training

I found the course extremely enlightening and it has certainly changed my outlook and my way of thinking on the topics raised. The actual delivery of the course was so good that I really was reluctant to see it come to a close.
(Ward Manager)

Gender is a subject that we take for granted. The session gave a good overview of services for women and the inequalities they face. It is important that we continue to highlight this and develop our services accordingly.

Very interesting …it brought up lots of relevant issues for women in mental health services. The exercises we completed were useful and highlighted the lack of understanding that surrounds women.

The session was pitched at the right level for a mixed staff group. The trainer kept everyone interested and provoked some interesting discussions. I believe that this training has been useful to all team members and hope that more can be provided in the future.
(Occupational Therapist)


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