Become a Trustee

Would you like to work to improve women’s mental health? We’re looking for Wish trustees from diverse backgrounds who want to help women get their voices heard.

Wish provides long-term, gender-sensitive support and services to women with mental health needs, in their journey through the prison and secure hospital system and in the community, and helps women have their voices heard at a policy level.

Our board of trustees is responsible for management oversight and the strategic leadership of the organisation. Being a board member involves attending bimonthly meetings to review current issues, verify our financial position, advise and instruct the director, take decisions on upcoming projects, and develop strategic direction.

Trustees’ Responsibilities

Trustees help:

  • Determine the mission and purpose of the organisation
  • Develop and agree the strategic plan for the organisation
  • Develop and agree the policies of the organisation
  • Ensure the organisation has adequate resources
  • Ensure resources are managed effectively
  • Monitor the organisation’s services
  • Ensure adequate reporting to funding bodies
  • Up hold the organisation’s values and ethos
  • Appoint and appraise the Director
  • Appraise the Board of Directors own performance by outside independent appraisers

Some trustees may be involved in the work on a continuous basis outside meetings – for example through fundraising, assisting with the update of our operating plan, or visiting the women who use our services. Other trustees may limit their involvement to formal meetings and ensuring appropriate governance.

Outside of the specific trustee role, we also welcome women who would like to contribute to our work in other ways such as providing advice on particular issues, consultancy on projects, providing external supervision to staff, or consulting as an expert by experience.

User-led values

Wish is a user-led organisation, striving for best practice in being an organisation led by women who have or have had mental health issues, providing services to women with mental health issues. This means we want women with relevant experiences to get involved. We will make reasonable adjustments so that women in all circumstances can participate in the leadership of Wish, as a trustee or in ways that suit their circumstances, where they are in their lives, and their state of health.

Being user-led does not mean that only women with mental health issues can be trustees: we welcome any woman who can bring valuable insights, experiences or skills to the board. However, it is important to have, or be prepared to develop, an understanding of the social model of disability and the rationale behind our goal to become user-led.

Being user-led matters to Wish because we need our members to trust that we can truly understand what they are experiencing in terms of their mental distress, and in terms of the response they get from the mental health and criminal justice system. The women we work for and with are at the heart of all of our objectives and plans.

This ethos reflects our feminist origins and the first principle of the disability rights movement: “nothing about us without us”.

Wish trustees follow the ethos of the early disability movement

Wish Trustees’ values and ethos

Wish trustees:

  • Act in good faith and with due diligence for the interests of Wish
  • Trust and respect each other
  • Work towards being user led
  • Are open and accountable
  • Respect confidentiality
  • Respect differences and we act fairly
  • Participate in meetings and discussions, and make a contribution
  • Take personal responsibility
  • Recognise that there will be conflict or disagreement at times, but work to deal with this effectively and respectfully.

We are inviting applications from women with all kinds of backgrounds. The board needs representation of a wide range of skills and experience, including finance, legal, governance, fundraising, policy, knowledge of the mental health and criminal justice systems, public affairs and human resources. We particularly want to hear from women with experience in the business or commercial world. Wish also needs to build a more diverse board in terms of race, ethnicity and sexual orientation.

If you are interested in becoming a trustee or being involved in Wish in other ways, please complete the application form below, or contact us for a chat: 020 8980 3618 or

Wish Trustee Flyer

Wish Trustee Role Description

Board of Trustees Application Form

Wish Aims and Objectives

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