Meet the team standing together for women’s mental health

Joyce Kallavik WISH

Joyce Kallevik


Joyce has been at the helm of WISH since 2004. A key focus of her work has been empowering the organisation to become user-led, ensuring that WISH’s services are trauma-informed and responsive to the needs of those it serves. Collaborating closely with the Board, Joyce spearheads strategic planning and development initiatives, aligning internal and external stakeholders to achieve the charity’s strategic objectives. Passionate about justice, Joyce considers it a privilege to work in the women’s and disability sectors. Drawing from her own personal experience of mental illness, she has a profound understanding of power imbalances within the system, motivating her unwavering drive for change.

Penny Bennet WISH

Penny Bennett

Community Link Manager

Penny joined WISH as a volunteer, drawn to the charity’s user-led approach. With almost two decades of experience in psychiatric units and prisons, she has cultivated meaningful and supportive connections with women both within the system and in the community. Penny remains dedicated to advocating for women’s rights for all women, firmly believing that this will create lasting positive change for all.

Justine Howard

Advocacy Manager

Justine has worked for WISH for over 20 years. As the manager of a small yet dynamic advocacy team, her expertise extends across High, Medium, and Low secure women’s services. Additionally, she actively works with Young People in low secure settings, PICU, and an acute ward.  Justine firmly believes that the efficacy of advocacy relies on strong partnerships, fostering collaboration and mutual respect. Emphasising the importance of maintaining independence, she encourages all advocates to work collaboratively within this framework.

Justine Howard WISH
Kelly Royer WISH

Kelly Royer

Counselling Manager & Community Link Worker

Kelly’s journey with WISH began in 2008 when she eagerly joined as a volunteer, deeply drawn to the organisation’s unique and impactful work for women. Throughout her years of service, she has amassed a wealth of experience in the mental health field, solidifying her expertise. As a qualified therapist with over six years of clinical practice, Kelly’s commitment to justice and women’s empowerment drives her commitment to making a lasting positive impact in the lives of those she serves. 

Kate Morgan

Mental Health Advocate

Kate joined the advocacy team in August 2022. Over the years, she has accumulated extensive experience working across high to low secure hospitals and has led co-production at some of the UK’s leading Universities. Kate strives to ensure that the voices of service users are not only heard but also valued and validated. She firmly believes in the power of these voices to shape decisions at every level of mental care and jurisdiction.

Justine Howard WISH
Penny Bennet WISH

Diana Serban

Head of Brand, Communications and Campaigns

Diana joined WISH in 2022. With more than 14 years of experience with all things media, branding and communications, she has developed 50+ brands across eight industries in the UK and internationally. Diana spent the past eight years working with women-led ethical organisations and charities and is focused on increasing WISH’s supporters database and growing the impact and visibility of our work.

Lucy Birch

Mental Health Advocate

Lucy joined WISH at the start of 2024. She brings a wealth of experience from her investigative law background, where she served in various capacities. This equips her with a multifaceted perspective that she is eager to leverage in her new role.

Lucy is passionate about ensuring all women and young people are heard, regardless of their circumstances. In particular, she is driven to ensure CAMHS patients are given the necessary time, patience and assurance to help them on their journey to recovery. She feels those significantly vulnerable must be empowered to use their voice, understood and championed for.

Justine Howard WISH
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