Case Study: Jules

Whilst in prison, Jules suffered greatly from losing contact with her children, and also experienced a relationship breakdown with her mother. She had been affected by emotional abuse as a child, and had been in an abusive relationship as an adult, being sent to prison for threatening behaviour after she was goaded by her husband. Wish helped her to go through the courts to gain contact with her children, which her husband had been trying to prevent, and also helped her work through her relationship with her mother via counselling.

Through our ongoing support, Jules came to recognise that her relationship with her husband was coercive and abusive. Jules undertook two Alternative to Violence courses, with Wish helping her to see that there was a life outside of her abusive relationship.

Because of her husband’s manoeuvres to try and prevent Jules from seeing her children, she thought she would never have contact with them again. But, following our Community Link Programme, Jules now has good regular contact with them, including them staying with her and them all going on holidays together. This has been just a small part of the massive self-development that Jules has gone through, with her also having found voluntary work and then secured a regular job with an NHS Foundation Trust.


Please note that names have been changed for anonymity reasons