Case Study: Yolanda

Yolanda had been in the care system as a child and had later been adopted. During this time, she experienced neglect, as well as physical, emotional and sexual abuse. She also had faced sexual and financial abuse as an adult, and had issues with serious self-harm, with a possible diagnosis of Borderline Personality Disorder.

With Yolanda, Wish provided intensive support to help her feel a part of society again, by teaching her how to manage her emotions on a day-to-day basis and also working to secure Yolanda a flat.

The psychiatrist Yolanda had previously been sent too had been very negative and was actively discouraging, preventing Yolanda from moving forward and perhaps perpetuating her experience of gendered abuse. But Wish helped her to stand up to him and feel equal as a human being. Wish arranged for different psychotherapy appointments, and supported Yolanda in completing them by waking her up and accompanying her to these appointments.

Unfortunately, following a specific traumatic incident, Yolanda did return to prison as she saw it as the only way of making herself feel safe. But Yolanda has now been out of prison for 5 years and, with support from Wish, her relationship with her family has improved, and there has been a huge reduction in her self-harming. She has completed courses in creative writing and Italian, and Yolanda is now planning for the future by putting money into savings while she also carries out voluntary work.

Please note that names have been changed for anonymity reasons