Quotes About Wish’s Work

From the women we work with on our Community Link Project:

  • “Suddenly there was a group of women that I could go and talk to who had shared many of my experiences and also some lovely workers there like Penny, Lisa and all the other lovely ladies that work there. Just people that treat you like a human being. They’d make you a coffee and have a chat and we’d just talk about stuff, they got to know you and that was lovely and I hadn’t had that for a long time.”
  • “Overall I think the difference is that Wish believed in me and because they believed in me it helped me to change myself … they helped me to figure out that you know what, yes you’ve made a mistake but you can learn from that mistake, you can live life, you can go forward.”
  • “What I like about Wish, they’re always on the woman’s side, even if she has done something stupid you just feel that they’re not as judgemental as many people would be and they calmly and gently talk over it and they’re willing to be your advocate if necessary or talk to the police.”


Wish’s Charity Director, Joyce Kallevik, on the Women’s Mental Health Network:

“Both the mental health and criminal justice system were designed by men for men, and this institutional sexism means the current services cannot meet women’s needs. Yet gender-specific policy is still not put into practice for women with complex needs; women should have a voice and the power to drive forward change; they deserve better.”