External supervision

This service has been developed in response to requests for gender specific supervision for people and organisations seeking to improve the care they deliver. All supervisors have worked at grass roots with women for several years and have completed the relevant BACP diploma in clinical and non-managerial supervision. Supervision aims to complement the wide variety of relevant training, consultancy and gender specific advocacy that Wish provides.

A good supervisory relationship is the best way we know to ensure we stay open to ourselves and to our clients.

(Hawkins and Shohet cited in Bond, Standards & Ethics for Counselling in Action)

Aims of the service

  • To create a safe space for self-reflection in order to understand anxieties generated by the nature of the work
  • Reflection upon institutional dynamics in order to understand institutional defences
  • Reflection upon team dynamics in order to understand group defences
  • Reduce stress, motivate and inspire
  • Improve standards of care

Service philosophy

The underlying philosophy of this service is based on the integrated model of supervision. This utilises a range of theories according to the needs of the supervisee, whilst keeping the woman’s needs central at all times. The supervisor adheres to the BACP code of confidentiality. The service draws on the following key approaches:

a. Person centred

An open, professional relationship where the supervisee feels safe necessitates conditions of empathy, genuineness and unconditional positive regard.

b. Woman centred

Empowerment is central to the supervision exploring gender and equality in a meaningful way.

c. Psychodynamic

Exploring conscious and unconscious pressures that affect the supervisee’s capacity to work effectively.

Who will the supervision benefit?

Everybody. It enables staff to develop a greater understanding of their relationship with women and increases job satisfaction – thus reducing staff burn-out and sickness, and increasing standards of care for the women and the organisation.

For more information

For more information about Wish external supervision services please contact the Wish London office or email info@womenatwish.org.uk