Generic advocacy services do not meet women’s needs. They were not designed with women in mind and, as a result, women find them more difficult to access. Wish’s proactive model of Gender Specific Advocacy makes sure that all treatment, care and personal issues are addressed appropriately and sensitively. It is designed specifically to engage women who do not feel they have a voice, or find it difficult to assert their needs and views. The service works through building trust and consistent relationships. The ultimate aim is to equip and empower women to self-advocate. Wish works to give the level of support each individual needs, whilst maximising their opportunities to speak for themselves.

Outcomes include: women being involved with their Care Planning, Ward Rounds and other assessments; women equipped with skills and confidence to self-advocate; hard-to-reach women becoming engaged in processes; women able to identify and communicate their needs; women feel able and confident enough to make decisions; enhanced relationships between women and the service provider.

We currently provide Gender Specific Advocacy in the following locations:

London and the South

  • HMP Bronzefield, Ashford

Midlands and the North

  • Cygnet Hospital, Bury (Women’s Service and Young People’s Service)
  • Cygnet Hospital, Sheffield
  • Waterloo Manor, Leeds
  • Whalley Site, Clitheroe (Targeted Engagement Programme)

To find out more about Wish Gender Specific Advocacy, please contact the Wish North and Midlands office.