Gender Specific Advocacy evaluation

At Wish, we have been delivering our model of Gender Specific Advocacy since 2002! We know how effective it is at supporting women to get their voices heard to ensure the treatment and care they receive has them at the centre.  However, we have yet to substantiate our evidence base with statistical data that may be utilised to demonstrate that Gender Specific Advocacy impacts positively on a number of levels for women: for example, feeling more confident, empowered, having a stronger voice, being listened to and feeling validated; having a better understanding, better communication and engaging more fully in treatment and care; clinical staff having a better understanding of the needs of women; and wards and units having improved policy and practice.

We will soon start to carry out a full, independent, statistical evaluation of our Gender Specific Advocacy Model, by delivering a pilot project at a secure unit that currently receives only gender-neutral advocacy. The analysis of the collected data and subsequent report will be used as a conclusive body of evidence to demonstrate to commissioners of advocacy services the far better outcomes for women who receive Gender Specific Advocacy as opposed to gender-neutral advocacy.  These materials and scientific analysis will also be used to campaign for Gender Specific Advocacy services for all women in the system.