Work done so far and next steps

To date we have put developed the following:

A Model, which explains the reasons behind the cross-sector campaigning approach, and demonstrates that women with mental health needs are seen through their labels, and then placed in services according to their label

Terms of Reference for the WMHN partnership. Terms of Reference describe the purpose of the Network, the responsibilities of Network members, and how the WMHN will achieve its aims.

A Messaging Report to communicate the Network’s most important messages to key influencers, decision makers and practitioners

Five focus groups have been held across sectors, to;

  • gain an understanding of how women’s experience of a range of services can inform the wider consultation with women
  • provide an insight into what women perceive to be the main issues and how services can be more gender-specific, and
  • inform campaigns

The next steps, which are being taken forward in the next three months, are to:

  • Recruit more organisations to the core steering group, to ensure full representation of all service sectors, which women may use, and all diversity groups
  • Develop channels of communication with women through 50 organisations
  • Develop strong media links
  • Develop and implement Social Media Strategy
  • Launch the Network
  • Gain evidence from 5,000 women to identify the three most important areas that women want to take forward to campaign for change by December 2016
  • After women have told us what it most important to them in service provision, we will develop, pilot and evaluate user-led campaigns with women, to improve and drive forward the provision of gender-specific statutory services; and then take these campaigns forward at a national level.